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FlowStone is a graphical programming language similar to LabView, but quite simple to use. Developed by DSP Robotics, it has ready-made modules for the U3, and many other devices such as Phidgets, credit card scanners, cameras, and Console controllers.

The full list of compatible hardware for Flowstone can be found here:

FlowStone is an ideal software package for beginners, and the entry-level version can be downloaded for free from the website.

Basic examples showing the use of timers, analog inputs, and digital I/O are attached.  Refer to the following link for more details on getting started with a U3.

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UD Setup V3.15

This is an archived version of the LabJack Universal Driver(UD). If you would like the latest version, please get it from here.

This driver supports the U3, U6, and UE9. This install includes drivers, documentation, and the utility applications LJControlPanel and LJSelfUpgrade. August 12, 2009, 10.3 MB, Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit.

The utility applications LJControlPanel and LJSelfUpgrade require the .NET framework available for free from Microsoft. The installer above will detect whether .NET framework V1.1 is installed, and if not will download and install it (~22 MB).

If you need a different version of the UD driver or use 64-bit architecture, please visit this support page.

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LabJack Setup Basic (Driver only)

This is a barebones installer of the LabJack software for U3, U6, UE9, T7, and Digit devices.  It installs the UD and LJM libraries.  It will install the drivers and libraries but no additional applications.  It is primarily used by people who are distributing their own software for use with a LabJack.

A '/S' (without the quotes) switch can be used when calling the installer to perform a silent install.

This version will install the LJUDDotNet library for .NET if it detects .NET on the system, but it will not install .NET.  Thus, if you are using .NET you should ensure that it is installed before running this installer.

If you would like any changes made or run into any problems please let us know at

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LJControlPanel - Windows Only

The application LJControlPanel is included with the installation package below

LabJack Windows Driver and Software Installation Package

79.27 MB
2015-06-03 15:45

The LabJack Control Panel application (LJCP) handles configuration and testing of the UD series hardware. Click on the “Find Devices” button to search for connected devices.

Figure 1-1. LJControlPanel Main Window

Figure 1-1 shows the results from a typical search. The application found two devices. The USB connection for a U3 has been selected in Figure 1-1, bringing up the configuration window on the right side.

  • Refresh: Reload the window using values read from the device.
  • Write Values: Write the Local ID from the window to the device.
  • Config Defaults: Opens the window shown in Figure 1-2.
  • Reset: Click to reset the selected device.
  • Test: Opens the window shown in Figure 1-3.

Config Defaults:

This option provides control over the condition of the device at power-up or reset.  Figure 1-2 shows a U3-HV with the factory default power-up configuration, which means AIN0-AIN3 set to analog input, FIO4 to CIO3 set to digital input, analog outputs set to minimum voltage (near 0), and timers/counters/watchdog disabled.

LJSelfUpgrade - Windows Only

The application LJSelfUpgrade is included with the installation package below

LabJack Windows Driver and Software Installation Package

79.27 MB
2015-06-03 15:45

The processor in the UD series devices have field upgradeable flash memory. The self-upgrade application shown in Figure 1-5 programs the latest firmware onto the processor. The figure below demonstrates the self-upgrade process for the U6. There can only be one target LabJack device connected to the PC when running LJSelfUpgrade. Click on “Get Version Numbers”, to find out the current firmware versions on the device. Then use the provided Internet link to go to and check for more recent firmware. Download firmware files to the …\LabJack\LJSelfUpgrade\upgradefiles\ directory. Click the Browse button and select the upgrade file to program. Click the Program button to begin the self-upgrade process.

Figure 1-5. Self-Upgrade Application

LJSelfUpgrade is a Windows application to program new firmware onto a UD series LabJack's processor.  LJSelfUpgrade is normally installed by the Windows installer, which is located at the top of this page.

U12 Library

The U12 Library is used for programming with the U12 device. Find example code in several languages below. If you can't find example code for a particular language, the user's guide is a good resource to get you started.

If you are using 64-bit applications on 64-bit Windows, then after using the installer above you need to get the new 64-bit U12 drivers (unzip and copy to \windows\system32).

Example Code/Wrappers: U12 Library

U12 U12 Supported
Examples In... Windows Mac Linux

U12 Library User's Guide